Next Race:

01. Jan 8pm CET



- Single race of 60 laps - The races is run in pro mode, no SHIFT +R. - Serverstart : 2000 CET via VROC - VROC chatroom : HIES - Qualifying length : 90 min - Race length : 60 min - ESC to pit allowed during qualifying. - Free choice of chassi. - All flagrules in effect - Grid edit in use(staggered 1x1 lineup)


We race in accordance with standard racing rules. All drivers have 48 hours after the race end to ask race control to a reviewed a incident. Penalties will be given in the form of added time when and if its warranted and the results will be adjusted post race control accordingly. Hence we post a preliminary result and a final result after 48 hours. Penalties: +5 sec +10 sec +15 sec +20 sec (equals a drivethrough penalty) +30 sec (equals a stop n go penalty) Black flag \ DQ (Endangering fellow drivers , reckless driving , unsportsmanlike conduct.) In addition comes false starts that will be enforce by GPL. You will get a stop n go that needs to be served within 3 laps. All other GPL ruling will be overridden by race control and evaluated after the race. We let everyone finish and edit the results according to the evaluation done by race control.


If a large number of drivers suffers a disconnect or a freeze at the same time during the race, a new race will run again 1 week later date.