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03. Des 8pm CET



- Single championship of 18 races - All races count on aggregate. - All races are run in pro mode , no SHIFT +R. - Serverstart : 2000 CET via VROC - VROC chatroom : HIES - Qualifying length : 30 min - Race length : 60 min - ESC to pit allowed during qualifying. - 1 chassi pr season , free choice of chassi. - All flagrules in effect - No grid edit - 80 % of race distance must be completed to be eligable for championship points - Dirtgear patch required. File download name : dirtgear8

POINTS 2020:

1. = 13 points. 2. = 11 points. 3. = 10 points. 4. = 9 points. 5. = 8 points. 6. = 7 points. 7. = 6 points. 8. = 5 points. 9. = 4 points. 10. = 3 points. 11. = 2 points. 12. = 1 points.


We race in accordance with standard racing rules. All races will be reviewed by race control post race. Penalties will be given in the form of added time when and if its warranted and the results will be adjusted post race control accordingly. Hence we post a preliminary result and a final result once race control has reviewed the race. Penalties: +5 sec +10 sec +15 sec +20 sec (equals a drivethrough penalty) +30 sec (equals a stop n go penalty) Black flag \ DQ (Endangering fellow drivers , reckless driving , unsportsmanlike conduct.) Each driver will start the season with 9 license points. These are tied to penalties in the following manner. +20 sec pen (drivethrough) = loss of 1 license point. +30 sec pen (stop n go) = loss of 2 license points. BF\DQ = loss of 3 license points. These 9 points will not be regenerated for the duration of the whole season. If a driver drops to zero license points he or she will have to start next race at the back of the grid. How a driver chooses to place themselves at the back is up to them but the penalty is not served until the driver in question has started a race from the last position. Once this penalty is served the driver will get back 3 "emergency" license points to last for the rest of the season. In addition comes false starts that will be enforce by GPL. You will get a stop n go that needs to be served within 3 laps. All other GPL ruling will be overridden by race control and evaluated after the race. We let everyone finish and edit the results according to the evaluation done by race control. Finally we remind drivers that if you can't get to the pits your race is over. You also need to complete 80 % of the race to be eligable for points.


If 2 or more drivers suffers a disconnect or a freeze during a race whilst running within the points, or top twelve if you will, some stuff will kick into action: 1) If the race is beyond 60% completion, the race will be classified based on the lap before the freeze \ disco and that will be the final race results for that particular race. 2) If the race is below 60% complete the track will be replaced and the race will be run again at a later date. That means if you suffer a disco or freeze outside the points you will have to live with it as much as it sucks.